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From the beginning of our existence as a church, we've had an active Sunday school program for children and pre-teens.  The kids are divided into groups by age and the teachers are members of our church. The focus is on teaching our kids biblical truths through the Word of God, learning how to work in groups, and preparing them to take part in church services. One of our main goals is to help children integrate into the life of our church as they get older.

At present, our church has four groups of Sunday school classes. Class is every Saturday from 6 to 7 pm, and the children range from 4 to 16 years.
We also have classes for the youngest children, with ages up to three years, and during the Sunday service we provide babysitting for them in the nursery.


For several years now there has been a Russian school for children in our church. The kids study the Russian language with a strong emphasis on the Bible.

There are a couple levels: those who do not know anything at all about Russian, as well as those who are already able to read or write. Classes are held in a very small circle, so that everyone gets enough attention in their pursuit of the Russian language.

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