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Our main choir participates mainly in our Sunday services to lead the church in praise, the Choir Director is Larisa Stepanov.



Our main prayer group gathers half an hour before service starts on Sundays, at 10:30 am.  A list of needs and prayer requests is kept that we read through and we take time to thank God for answered prayers. 


There is also a women's prayer group that gathers twice a month on Tuesdays to pray over the needs of the church and community as well.



Teenagers can join our youth group at age 16, and participate in various activities. The Youth Group meets for Bible Study on Saturdays, Youth Choir is on Sundays after church, but there are many times when they just spend time together as friends.  Some of the ministries our youth is involved in are witnessing on the streets, visiting nursing homes, and participating in a prayer group.


Our kids are very important to us, so we try to make sure they are learning Biblical truths as well as growing up together as friends.  We have various Sunday School classes split up by age group, as well as lessons in Russian so that our kids understand our heritage.  Throughout the year there are different trips we take together, as well as at least one overnight camp during the summer.  Many of the parents are involved in making activities happen for the kids, and this helps strengthen our families.  More specific information can be found on our Kid's Corner page.​


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